About Us

I started this business in 2021 to provide people with quality leather goods, that will last a long time. In Lakota tradition when someone is walking a good path they are walking on the Red Road. Since I wanted to provide people with good products the name stuck with me. For my business I wanted to craft products in a fashion that is good for the environment and be able to have my customers happy with the quality of work they receive. Part of the Lakota tradition is to use every part of the animal, in keeping with this I only use leather that is tanned from the food industry and that the tannery follows guidelines to keep the environment better protected.

While not working with leather I have various hobbies. One of my favorites is practicing judo which I have been doing for a few years now. I have worked in the construction trade for over 10 years and apply what I have learned from that trade into leatherwork. The use of good materials makes a huge difference and allow the final product to look better with use when done right. That is one of our goals here at Red Road Leatherworks.